Pestel: Decision Making and Public Transport Essay

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Political. There are some political decisions needed to be made within site B. The main one being the nature reserves its self and the way on how to get rid of them. Economic. The economic factors are about the costs of site B and as it does appear to have everything and be a good position it may be rather costly. There are few problems other than draining the land, and a small water feature, which could be an attractive low cost possibility. However site b is costly the benefits of having a large area and a great transport system really outweigh some of the extra economic costs.

Social. The social factors of why we chose site B where along the lines of the location and the public transport and also the social factor of a popular district of where professional staff can live

Technological. We chose to use site B due to the great technological services within the site, such as the rail way station and the bus station. Things like this benefitting us massively as it is great for the public to get to and from the hospital when needed. When looing at the NHS hospitals within the UK I can see some common trends of all hospitals been located very close within public transport!

Environmental. Site B is located in the Dams nature, al though it is a great locations it is close to the city centre, and public transport is close, we also have to be very careful as there is a lot of wildlife. The nature reserve is a special scientific interest so this is a