Pet Shop Proposal

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Nowadays pets is one of the factors that makes our life more colorful. Many research and studies confirm about the psychological and health benefits for the pets owners. Dog is the most favorite pets and often called human companions because their friendly and loyal attitude towards his master. World Health Organization (WHO) said about 70 percent of households in the world have one or more dogs.
Hence, we want to build the pet shop that not only accommodates dogs. But made a pet shop that gives a sensation about the world of dogs .Start from providing a variety of dogs need like a cage, shampoo, dog food, and others with affordable price
Body care services and dog health directly , we accept home calls and give your dog pickup service is the
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Pedigree ( 8 kg ) Rp. 192.000
4. Necklace Rp. 50.000
5. Shampoo Rp. 24.000
6. Chains Rp. 60.000
7. Cage Rp. 100.000
8. Dog Toys Rp. 20.000
9. Food Place Rp. 30.000

B. Services
No. Layanan Jasa Price
1. Nail Clipper Rp. 20.000
2. Shave Bald Rp. 80.000
3. Stylish cut Rp. 90.000
4. Check Doctor Rp. 50.000
5. Grooming Rp. 60.000
6. Dog train/ hour Rp. 150.000
1. Pickup Dog Service
For those who are unable to pick up a dog who has been entrusted to us for treatment, we can take to the address. This service is free
2. Doctor Call Service
This service can be done if the pet dog can not be taken to the veterinary clinic. And this service is free too
3. Member Community Service
This services makes the owners can understand about the dogs and can be closer to other dog owners. Each member will be charged a fee that will cost in accordance with a joint decision.
• A regular seminar once a month to get info and how to overcome complaints in caring dogs.
• Have morning sports activities with pet dog owners
• Have Animal contests
• Member get discount in shopping

C. Café
No. Food Harga
1. Fried Banana Cheese ( 6 Pieces) Rp. 18.000
2. Toast Rp. 14.000
3. Fried Rice Rp. 16.000
4. Fried Noodles RP. 12.000
5. Spaghetti Rp.