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a) Outline the main principals of situation ethics

Situation ethics is based on the idea that you do the most loving thing in a situation, even if it leads to breaking the law. It is known as a relativistic theory. It has no absolute rules that have to be followed in every circumstance. It is also a consequentialist theory, where the end result is held to be of great importance. Finally it is a teleological theory, claiming the morale truth can be found through nature and purpose. Joseph Fletcher, who focused on situation ethics, came to the conclusion that the most loving thing must always be done, as love overwrites anything else in the world. He described situation ethics as a ethical theory based on the single principal of love and people should enter every situation prepared to act in the most loving way. The right thing to do in any given situation is the mist loving thing to do. Fletcher defined love as always being good, love and justice are the same, for love is justice distributed. He said the end result of love justifies the means and it makes a decision which is unique to each individual situation. Fletcher described loved using the word ‘agape’ which in translation means ‘God’s love of humanity’. His view is strengthened by the Bible as ‘agape’ come from what Jesus taught us, to ‘love thy neighbour’. Situation ethics consists of 4 main principals highlighted by Vardy and Grosch as: pragmatism, relativism, positivism and personalism. Vardy and Grosch first principal, pragmatism highlights how a proposed course of action, done out of love should be practical and work in real life. The second principal, Relativism defines as rejecting such absolutes as ‘never’ or ‘always’. All situations are individual and unique. The third principal positivism says decisions should always be made using love as the most important consideration of all. The final principal, personalism says that people, under any circumstance should be put first. In conclusion situation ethics is easy to understand and an easy way for people to see acceptance for their actions if they have sinned against Gods word, but also if someone has committed a crime resulting into breaking the law. It gives people the freedom to act according to the circumstances and enables people to respond emotionally and rationally to the