PetCo: Application of Sulforaphane Essay

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Four mice acquired from PetCo were used in experimentation. The variable group consisted of two mice subjected to the application of sulforaphane, and the control group consisted of two mice without the application of sulforaphane. All of the mice were placed in an enclosure called a Critter Cage that includes a wheel and toys. The cage was equipped with water and mice Fiesta Food. The mice were taken out two times per week in order to clean the cage. A regiment of half a gram of sulforaphane was given to each of the experimentation mice. This was done by removing each of the experimentation mice and feeding them the supplement mixed with food. This regiment was administered two days per week for four weeks. The social behavior of the mice was monitored at all times through videotaping. The social behavior and actions of the experimentation mice subjected to the application of sulforaphane were compared to those of the control mice. Qualitative data detailing the mice’s activities and behavior was collected daily and later translated into a quantitative rating system. The rating system was composed of values from 1 to 10. The seven of the most common mice behaviors were analyzed: drink, eat, groom, hang/play, micromovement, rest, and walk. In order to obtain a margin of comparison, the four mice were monitored for two days (using 24 hour surveillance) prior to experimentation. Due to the fact that mice sleep an average of 12.5 hours a day during the day-time, only the twelve nighttime hours were used for the analysis. After analyzing the recordings, it was found that mice spend an approximate one hour drinking, one hour eating, two hours grooming, three hours hanging/playing,…