Essay on Pete: Pit Bull and Little Rascals

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The soccer ball hit the grassy field with a minor thump, while screams centered attention near the goalie’s post. The child’s puny hands showing little resistance to the canine incisors planted deep within his pierced left arm. The Pit Bull only winced his eyes to squeeze the blood laden arm beyond the shattering point. The Pit Bull’s head shaking as a crocodile with morning’s breakfast, forced his meal to lifelessness on the soiled grass. The child’s lame arm dropped, signaling the lost battle. Why do we have a maligned image of the Pit Bull?

Pit Bulls strike fear in the hearts of their onlookers. Their body features look similar to that of a Rottwieler, with a blocky head, square body, and clamp-like jaws. Separated only by a leash, an unknown Pit Bull would terrify me. For example, imagine walking down the street and seeing a gentleman walking his Pit Bull. The jingle of dog tags grows louder, revealing a shadow that moves. Its cold stare, combined with unpredictability would bring me to swiftly move to the furthest sidewalk from them. The ability of that dog to bring my body an unexplainable mess is far from what I want to tango with.

The carelessness of owners is our greatest source of danger with the Pit Bull. Picture a jogger embarking on his daily exercise. The last of daylight leaves as the sun disappears over the horizon. The man’s body tires as he pushes on down the nearby neighborhood block. Suddenly stopping with large sweat droplets forming on his brow, a small rumble begins to get louder behind him as the Pit Bull waiting for the slightest movement to provoke his savage mayhem stands ready. Is he going to be a victim of circumstances, or the result of an owner’s negligence? If the owner were to ensure its dog was in the yard, then we wouldn’t have a jogger to picture.

Despite the idea that most people find the Pit Bull to be a malignant creature, the deeds of unscrupulous breeders/owners and the hyped up media coverage has perpetuated our fears while refuting the dog’s love. Like all breeds of dogs, a well raised Pit Bull will remain loving and friendly.

Pit Bulls are naturally no more vicious than a little poodle; in fact, they even love children. Children provide beatings that I couldn’t hold a hand back from, while a Pit Bull would begin frolicking in the air with its new playmate. The judo chops and phantom punches are no match for Pit Bulls. For example, Petey the Pit Bull in the children’s movie Little Rascals is a sweet looking companion with a ring around his eye. Those little rascals do have a best friend which wags his tail like a small propeller and soaks them in canine saliva. Petey takes all the childish punishment that my pug Herby would remove an ankle for.

Zealous media are to blame for creating our ill view towards the Pit Bull. The journalist’s sole objective seems like it is to take negative in our life’s adventures, blowing them up into that day’s headline news. When people see that information, they are quick to apply