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Travis Musselman
Dr. Gordon
April 27, y

Stigma Assignment Pete Rose was known as one of the greatest players in the history of professional baseball and retired as the all-time leader in hits, games and at-bats. Rose played for the Cincinnati Reds and became a well known player all around the world. Pete’s nickname was “Charlie Hustle”. Rose started playing for the Reds in 1963 and was awarded Rookie of the year his first year there for MLB. Pete was a lot different than most players because he was considered a switch hitter. A switch hitter is when someone can hit left or right handed depending on pitcher. Rose hit over 200 hits in 1965, notched batting titles in 1968 and 69, and he also won the Gold Glove award for his outstanding out fielding skills in 69 and 70. Rose was a star for the "Big Red Machine" Cincinnati team that won back-to-back World Series championships in 1975 and 76. He also set an MLB record with a 44 game hit streak in 1978. Traded to the Philadelphia Phillies after that season, he helped them win their first World Series in franchise history in 1980. Rose went on to play for the Expos after playing with the Phillies in 1984. Rose ended his career after the 1986 season with 4,256 total hits, and also held the all-time records with 3,562 games played and 14,053 at-bats. Pete went on to being the manger of the Reds baseball team after retiring from playing. Rose began coaching the Reds and also start betting and gambling on games with money. His addiction to gambling started to get out of hand and eventually it caught up with him by a big investigation from the Commissioner’s Office. Rose was charged and banned for life from the game of…