Pete Seeger Essay

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The Significance of Pete Seeger to American History Pete Seeger is an extremely talented artist who is very well known for his contributions to folk music. Pete Seeger is an absolute inspiration to many people around the world today. Not only was Pete Seeger just a singer/songwriter, he was also an important political activist, the author of several dozen books, an environmentalist as well as a peace advocator. He plays a very significant role in terms of historical influences. As a man of many identities, Pete Seeger will always remain an influential individual in regards to American History. It is definitely worth discussing the many roles Pete Seeger acquired and how each of these roles assisted in impacting American History. Pete …show more content…
To this day, Seeger continues to publish books which are available to anyone to purchase. He has written dozens of important books that mainly discuss folklore music. During the 1970’s and 1980’s, Pete’s newly found passion for saving the environment was utilized to his greatest power. He committed his life to environmental issues. He became involved with the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater environmental organization and restored the Clearwater sloop. This was considered his most exceptional work as an environmental activist. The sloop still to this day sails with the purpose of educating children about the importance of the environment. “By 1969, with
Seeger as the driving force behind its creation, the sloop Clearwater was constructed and launched. It still sails today and serves as an inspiring symbol of citizen activism on behalf of the natural environment. It is also a model for innovative environmental education” . Pete Seeger is by far one the most extraordinary human beings to have ever lived. He is so special that he is recognized by millions of people around the world for everything that he has done in his entire lifetime. He is so remarkable that he received awards on several occasions for his work. He was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1993, the National Medal of Arts (presented by President Clinton) and the Kennedy Center Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994, The Harvard Arts Medal and the