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The life of peter

It all started when I was in kindergarden. I went to public school and it was from kindergarten to fifth grade, but I did not like it, in fact I hated it. The teachers did not care about you to them you were just another kid sitting in class moving from one grade to another. My parents did not really have an opinion on the school at least they did not mind it. I had friends although I do not remember them but now, but thats because I never had a best friend. The person I remember most as being my friend was Katie, she was a family friend and I had known her since I was little.
When I got out of elementary school I went to middle school, but after the first two months of public school my parent and I decided that it was not worth it. So when my mom started teaching at a private school she asked me if I wanted to go there, I happily accepted this invitation. The school was great but being taught by my mom sucked. She taught me math and whenever I would raise my had in class she would never come to me because her theroy was she could have more time with the other kids and just explain it to me at home later, but that never really worked out.
My brother and sister are both really close to me. My sister more so than my brother because me and my brother are six years apart. My brother went to college but then decided it was not for him and so he joined military school. My sister did not attend college either but is doing very well as an assistant pharmacist, she lives