Peter Pan Red Man Red Analysis

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The lyrics from Peter Pan: "What makes the red man red?"
The art of this song has a lot of stereotypes and racist message throughout each verse and line. There are many critics surrounds the overall name of the song. What makes a red man red? Before watching the video of the song my first impression was that it's going to be about native or Indian people, also revolts around the culture. The question that I ask myself just by reading the title was the causality on, what made it happen? For them to label the story the way they did and was the real factor behind it. Looking, at it to examine how the Disney company perpetuate negative stereotypes of Native American especially in "Peter Pan." Though this film is geared towards the children to
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Why as a nation we have to wait until people are protesting for us to hear their voice, needs and wants. "I am a man and Union justice now!" A well was, written and spoken message that has been translated verbally throughout the image as well as their body language. I can see that its a ground of black man or even young people are standing as one body with Unity trying to get their voice heard through protection. Which is presenting the message they want to bring among these white people that are in power. To understand where these black men are emanating. The Context of this single story of the image, mainly presenting their self to these folks that are the man at that, that they are humans too not animals. Therefore, they will get treated the same as whites. It's wrongful for white people have the privilege to do whatever they chose and pleased to do. On the other hand, black has the opposite of opportunity. Based on my belief they should for sure have to the privileged to have sort of freedom of speech. But in that place and the time frame was a bit difficult for these innocent black man to express their feelings and emotions on they are feeling like a human. Rather, than putting their sensation aside. Though it seems like it was the only man in the protesting there was also females there but more to the back, what shocking to me the most is when I saw that there was a white person in the group. Something that we rarely see, but something we need to see more often that all person supports the right choices of humanity that stand up for their