Peter Shaffer and Play Essay

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In the play Equus by Peter Shaffer, Alan Strang (Connor Hammond) was one of the main characters in Equus he played a major role Alan is what Equus was all about right along with Dr. Dysart (Scott Wells) who was also a main character playing the psychiatrist and the narrator of the play telling the situations and helping Alan. The acting in Equus was strong and never got weak, in my opinion the actors was very convincing to me it seemed like I was at a very well-rehearsed and put together play that should be played on Broadway of some sort just by the emotion they showed and the passion in everyone’s voice was convincing and believable, being that the place it was held every step, every whisper and every scream was heard microphones was not needed. When it came to the atmosphere of the play and where it was held I’d say it was very small not what I would have thought of for a play setting, it didn’t look like they was going to have enough room but it played out well, walking into Fau play Theatre stage was brown very much in a log cabin setting, in my opinion I believe the play would have had more meaning and made me visualize more if it was a bigger stage and more detailed than what it was. I don’t recall music being played as we waited for the event to take place and the lighting fixtures was great and on point and went along with every scene to where the light needed to be on one person to when it was time to change places. Movement on the Stage at some point was very distracting to me because as Dr. Dysart spoke the Nurse was in the back moving the seat to turn it into a bed for Alan whom took my attention off the narrator to see what the nurse was doing I’m easily…