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Peter Skrzynecki

Who Peter Skrzynecki is - think about his biography, experiences and what perhaps some of his poems are about. Include some links/pictures and questions if appropriate.

In 1945, in the city of Dortmund, Germany, a young boy of Polish/Ukrainian decent was born. Little did his parents know, that he would later become a well-recognised and celebrated Australian poet/author.

Peter Michael Skrzynecki migrated to Australia with his parents, Feliks and Korneila, in 1949 to escape the turmoil of war-torn Germany. For a month they travelled on the “General Blatchford” until they reached Sydney, from which they travelled inland to Bathurst where the Skrzyneckis resided for two weeks. They were then moved to the Parkes Migrant centre, a former Air Force Training Base, which Skrzynecki regarded as his first home in Australia.

They later obtained a house in the suburb of Regents Park in Sydney where Skrzynecki attended the local Catholic primary school. He then went to St Patrick’s College, Strathfield, where his love of English literature was nurtured and developed. His father worked as a labourer for the Water Board while his mother worked as a domestic for families in Strathfield. Skrzynecki’s parents were extremely hardworking and thrifty, and within four years their house was paid off.

From high school, Skrzynecki went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts at the University of New England and a Teaching Certificate at the Sydney Teachers College. For 23 years, he taught at many small schools (predominantly primary