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Free Health Care


Provide universal coverage represent a once in lifetime opportunity to improve the lives of everybody in the country. This simply means both the uninsured as well as the insured. For everybody in the country, health insurance represents peace of mind. Having a better insurance means no one worries for you or your family. However, with present day insurance, most families are just one major illness away from bankruptcy which is why changes need to be made in the current system and universal health is the best solution.
As of October 2010, poll show that 24 million Americans are without coverage. Million more don’t have full coverage or the right type of insurance. This means far too many people in the country are not getting adequate care and treatment for medical problems. Recently polls shown that out of pockets costs for health cares are astronomical, causing many to simply go without. A universal health care system would close the gap, and give everyone access to preventative care as well as treatments for any medical problems. Americans access to health care under universal coverage is no longer dependent on people’s ability to pay high premium for private insurance company, instead the government and the taxpayers take care of the bills.
Healthcare system equitable, will give everybody in the country choice and control over their health. It will no longer be an industry wide monopoly of controlled price and coverage designated by strangers. Free health care will include closing the gap for older children. This means a person who has been covered on his parents insurance can stay covered until he or she can afford his own or her after graduation. Also companies can focus on