Pfizer Annual Review

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An enduring, positive impact.

Ian C. Read President & CEO


It is an honor for me to lead Pfizer at this important time for both our company and the industry. I’ve spent my entire career at Pfizer and during this time I have seen the industry change and evolve in terms of customers’ needs, regulatory standards and where growth occurs. Among these changes, one of the most important has been the increasing pressure from payers, governments and society to deliver greater value. That’s why I believe there is a fundamental question facing the industry and Pfizer. Simply stated, it is: Do we have a research model that will consistently produce results that improve the lives of patients
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These encompass environmental sustainability, investments in treatments for neglected diseases and improvement in access to medicines. Robust Sales, Wider Scope, Important Partnerships We have been working to increase Pfizer’s product mix and geographic presence. In 2010 Pfizer had 15 brands that surpassed the $1 billion mark in sales, a record for our industry. Growth in our patented portfolio was driven by important medicines such as Sutent, Lyrica, Prevnar and Enbrel. We widened our geographic scope with a focus on emerging markets, where half of the world’s population lives and where there is rising economic wealth. In 2010 our Biopharmaceutical revenues in emerging markets exceeded $8.5 billion,3 up 41 percent over 2009, and, for the first time, we achieved more than $1 billion of annual revenue in both China and Brazil. During 2010 close interaction among our development, medical, external affairs and commercialization teams helped boost registrations for Prevnar 134 for pediatric use to more than 80 countries and launches to more than 55 countries. This new vaccine, which helps