Pfizer company Essay

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Company Overview:
Pfizer is an international pharmaceutical company and is considered one of the leading companies in this industry with Lipitor and Viagra as its most known manufactured drugs. The company grew from a one building medicine manufacturer to a multinational company running its operations all over the world. In addition, the mergers and acquisitions that the business went through ensured that Pfizer name is associated with any global resource specialized in health and well-being industry. In fact, Pfizer Mission statement as stated on its website is to be the world leader in health care and well-being of human kind all over the world. The mission statement of the company is clearly comprehensive and optimistic. The
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According to PFE data available on finance yahoo the stock’s price fluctuated between 16.19 on January 2011 and 29.10 in April 2013. In my opinion, this provides a wide variance when comparing the stock price across the past two years only. Nevertheless, as previously mentioned evidence show that the resigning of the former CEO affected Pfizer stock market and price. Other information contained in the financial reports and might be of interest to investors is the amount of debt that Pfizer heaves. The 2012 balance sheet reveals that Pfizer total debt accumulates to 37.49 billion. The total debt to equity ratio can be calculated to reveal an amount of 45.90. These data could be a concern to investors however when compared with the value of the enterprise of 214 billion dollars or the value of total assets of 61 billion dollars; the amount of debt is considered acceptable and should not be a main concern. Information about other Pfizer financial ratios such as profitability ratios is crucial for investors to analyze the financial situation of the company. The operating profit margin ratio is calculated to reveal a 32.54% and the gross profit margin ratio reveals a percentage of 24.70%. These ratios reveal that Pfizer as a manufacturing company is profitable or is making a considerable amount of profit compared to its operating activities. According to