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Pharaohs Of Egypt
-30-31 dynasties in Egypt
-There are 332 known pharaohs but there are some gaps where there could be more
-Menes was the first pharaoh
-Cleopatra was the last pharaoh
-Many of the pharaohs were high priests
-Pharaohs were also the commander in chief in the army and led troops into battle
-Pharaohs were considered incarnation of the God Horus (son of Osiris) and after the 5th dynasty they were considered to be the sun of Ra (sun God)
-Pharoah led campains to collect taxes from citizens who did not pay
-Menes united upper and lower Egypt
-Menes named the capital Memphis meaning the uniting of two lands
-All Egyptian tombs were raided and robbed except King Tutankhamen
-Pharaohs lived with 25+ cats (thought to be Goddess Bast)
- Ramses was longest serving pharaoah at 67 years

Women of Ancient Egypt
-There are believed to be seven pharaohs that were women
-Merneith was buried with all the first dynasty pharaohs
-Ankhesenpepi II possibly ruled during the 6th dynasty
-Pictures of Ankhesenpepi wearing a Uraeus
-Nitocris was the last pharaoh of the 6th dynasty and marked the end of the old kingdom
-She was believed to have paid to have her brother killed so she would be pharaoh
-Nitocrisis later commited suicide
-Sobeknefru rued during the 12th dynasty for 3 or 4 years
-Believed to wear male clothes to gain respect
-Hatsheput ruled during the 18th dynasty
-Twosret ruled during the 19th dynasty after Seti II's son (her husband) had a deformed leg and became ill.
-Ruled for 6 years and was slowly phased out by a chancellor named Bay
-Cleopatra ruled during the Ptolemaic Dynasty
-She was Greek
-Tried to find a balance between independence and co-operation with Rome

-Queen for more than 20 years
-Wife to Thutmose II
- After Thutmose II's death she claimed the position of pharaoh because Thuthmose III was too young
-Originally wore traditional clothes of a women in high status
-A few years into her reign she began dressing in male's clothes not to trick people but to assert her authority.
-Egypt prospered under her reign.She was most interested in economic prosperity
-Built and restored many monuments and buildings creating jobs
-Was a strong leader in the army; conquered many new lands
-Believed to have died from treatment of a chronic…