Pharmacist Personal Statement

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How does the knowledge of pharmaceutical medicine aid us in our everyday lives? What does it mean to be an outstanding and excellent leader as a pharmacist? My goal is to grasp these concepts in such a way that I can share this knowledge with others and better serve my community.

Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy is where I know I will be able to gain the knowledge and experience needed to accomplish my goal of being a just and humane pharmacist. Not only does Xavier's College of Pharmacy have an outstanding reputation of placing minorities into the profession of pharmacy, its mission as a graduate school correlates with my purpose of eliminating health inequalities and immoralities within underserved communities.

My reasons to pursue and further my education in medicine were influenced by my grandmother. My grandmother contracted rabies, an infection easily treated by series of treatments. However my grandmother was given the wrong medication and died due to the pharmacist's mistake. The legacy which she left was her compassion and love to care for those who were sick. Despite her not being a medical professional, she always had a dream for her posterity to help others through the medical field so there would be less suffering and death. I will be the first to fulfill her wish through my journey of becoming a skilled and dignified pharmacist.
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When my family immigrated to America, we had a hard time keeping ourselves financially stable. Even the process of getting me into college had thier challenges since no one else in my family had gone to college. Although despite all these hardships, I'll never stop pursuing my goal of being a medical professional who will protect the patients from pharmaceutical negligence, unethical practices, and violations of thier