Pharmacy: Sociology and Technology directly Influence Essay

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World and Technology
Many forms of technology, cell phones in particular emanate radiation upon use. Radiation in general is well known to be a causative agent of cancer in long term exposure. The uses of other forms of technology such as television, video games, and computers also have detrimental effects. Our brain creates the images we see. The eyes are just the source of taking in sensory information to be taken to the brain by sensory neurons to ultimately see an image. The eyes health and development is pertinent to eye movement. Watching television in excess causes very minimal eye movement and in children can ultimately result in decreased observational skills.
Other detrimental effects of these forms of technology directly influence health. Technology has become a source of laziness for many. Before the widespread of technology people were healthy and relatively fit. Before technology many things were done by forms of manual labor, walking was more widespread than car usage, even in forms of entertainment the simple movement and getting off the couch, walking to the television to change the channel all make a difference. Upon the rise of technology, many have become dangerously over weight and obese. There are many risks of being over weight. The number one killer in the United States is cardiovascular disease usually as a result of the build up of cholesterol that inevitably results in a clogged artery. Another risk factor of obesity is diabetes, which is also another life threatening disease. Without close monitoring the food consumption of a diabetic and strict observance of medications coma and death become very likely. The use of technology also leaves an impact upon the users psychological health. In one-way or another everybody uses technology as a form of communication among family and friends. Some people use these means of communication more than others. Some use the means as the only means of communication. Technology has created this new medium of interaction but destroyed the value and effect of face-to-face communication. The use of technology for social means has decreased peoples social skills. As a result of this decline people find it harder to form healthy, long lasting relationships. The decrease and even loss of social skills makes it hard for the technology user to understand and comprehend others as well as express themselves.
Communication through forms of technology although convenient do not adequately measure up to the effectiveness of person-to-person contact. Through means of technology many people can share things about themselves through means of text such as email or sms that they would never tell anybody in