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Psychology in Workplace
3 February 2014
Phase 5 Discussion Board One of the main things I have learned is the even though you think that a person supposedly is fine either physically or mentally. They still may have a problem that is from the childhood, family, or just main health issue. Those are the ones that the ones that in main way just keep quiet all that needs to come out. The ones that do that will be affected deeply. People that study into that of psychology like social workers are the ones that will notice some of the issues in those people. One thing that still make me think a lot, people that are depressed and stressed out are they affected more mentally or physically? Getting into that of the stressed and depressed people that need the assistance the topics that grabbed my attention mostly were the latest. They are the ones of conflict management and leading teams. There are at times more it is like compare and contrast. There are strategies in both of these but most of the time conflict management goes the negative way depending which strategy of the five is chosen. The leading teams seem positive but there are situations that it may not result well by the strategy that is chosen. Most of the strategies are helpful but there may be one that goes to the opposite end. Also it depends on the way the people are working together. If the groups is a true team that understands each other. On that of conflict management the strategies are avoidance, accommodation, compromise, competition, and collaboration. In the beginning before getting all the information about this I thought that the collaboration would be one to choose in conflict management, but it is the total opposite. Collaboration is the worst to choose because with this includes multiple people and their ideas. Within time one by one they start to think that it is wasting their time, and also they rather be waste their time on another activity. If a group truly does this one it needs to be one that is truly committed to the idea.
Many times it seems like accommodation is the best in the strategies for the group. The others just get the groups worse than what it already is. In that of accommodation there will be one person that let down what they wanted and let the others or other get what they want. That is easier that what there is in the other strategies. In true life that seems to occur more frequently than what people think. Even in at home I at times not able to do what I want to do but still able to go do other stuff that are similar to what was wanted in the beginning. The one in house that has more difficulty with those kinds of situations are my dad and brother. They can easily mad and little anger, when their face gets red tomato you knows they are mad. For that same reason I have also more patients and assist even my family.
Especially right now at the point of age that my brother is at in middle school and fourteen years old is one of the sources that gives more energy. Then I know need that also for my dad that is sixty years old and with both of them having the same humor. That got me more into that of leading teams also. The leading teams have great ideas to assist people with issues that are both physically and mentally. With that I only have truly talk with them clearly to be able to understand them, like promote understanding. (Musselwhite)
The whole family on the weekend when we are together talking with each other positively and it does not matter what issue comes up. Times like those we are all in the house