Swot Analysis Of Hewlett Packard

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Hewlett Packard (HP) will revolutionize the printing industry once again. A marketing plan for a new inkless printer is in the works. This marketing plan will detail the organization and the success of the printing giant, description of the new product, importance of marketing, results of the SWOTT analysis, and the research approach to develop the marketing strategy. When developing the new inkless printer, a marketing plan must be in place to ensure the success of the product and make a profit for the company.

Hewlett Packard Overview

Incorporating Hewlett-Packard (HP) in 1947, known as a computer technologies provider for small, medium, and large businesses. At 17.9% global market share HP was number one in 2011. HP provides a variety of technology services for its customers with dedicated groups within its company. The groups include the personal systems group, imaging, printing, enterprise services, storage and HP Software. HP’s separates its mission statement into different focuses, including and starting with customer loyalty, market leadership, profit, employee commitment, growth, global citizenship, and leadership capability (Man on a Mission, 2005). These areas contain HP’s core values and are their philosophy as a technology company. HP’s headquarters is located in Palo Alto, California, and has satellite offices around the world. HP is known for a variety of technology products worldwide but is a leader in one, printing technologies (Hewlitt Packard, 2012). In an effort to stay ahead of technology in printing HP is in the works of introducing an inkless, non-laser line of printers called the HP – Infinity. This new line of printers will revolutionize how printers are seen.

New Product

The HP Infinity line of printers is a must for anyone looking to advance their office equipment. The HP Infinity lines of printers come standard with the highest technological advancements such as scanners that allow for copying. The HP Infinity printers also come standard with laser crystals that produce color printing capabilities without the need for ink. The inkless printer system in the HP Infinity line of printers make it virtually unnecessary for consumption of ink cartridges which will be very cost effective for even the tightest budgets. The HP Infinity line of printers also come with a five year warranty plan that includes lifetime replacement of the laser crystals making it a smart buy for anyone who purchases the Infinity printer.
Importance of Marketing

Marketing is very important to the success of HP’s product. This is a totally new idea and concept of printers. No one will have another one to compare it to, so our printer has to be better than the ink and toner printers. Because this product is new, there will be reluctance with some customers not wanting to try a totally new concept. The big questions that may be asked are "will this product work?" and "will this product last?" Marketing for the printer may need to include demos and free offers to entice people to buy anything to get the “word out” and try to get customers to think outside the box and try this new product. Heavily advertising the saving customers’ money by not buying toners and printer cartridges is crucial for the success of this printer. This may be the major buying factor for quite a few customers. If the customers cannot be convinced to try this new printer, the company will need to rethink selling it. The more free inkless printers or printers on display for demo purposes, the more printers fall into the hands of customers.
Because this is a new product, close monitoring the buying trend is necessary but the product should have a chance to work. If a million units are not sold within a month does not mean the printer will not be a good seller. Time is crucial with new products such as these. Also a customer service department will need to be on hand to answer the many questions customers will