Phenominal: Adolescence and Pattyn Von Stratten Essay

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English 1020
September 16, 2013

Do you like to read? I don’t, but the book Burned by Ellen Hopkins is a phenomenal book that in high school I read because it dealt with religion, relationships, and guidance. When reading the book it made me realize how grateful my life was and that some else may have it worser than me.
It’s your choice to faith but abusive actions should not overcome faith. Some could argue that this book is inappropriate because some teenagers are not mature about it, the language, and the message. Pattyn Von Stratten is a young girl who is growing up and wondering about God, herself, and love. Each religion teaches differently, but most believe in Jesus Christ. This book shows how Pattyn’s family believes in Jesus, but Pattyn’s father is also abusive and very demanding. Young teens that are scared to tell anyone if their family is abusive can learn from this and find the courage to stand up for themselves. As a teenager I was also learning about myself and getting to know my body in the process. While some teens thought that it was cool to be a bully, I was learning how to praise God and be more involved. Of course, everyone followed the crowd and that was one of my major faults being a young teenager. Books by Ellen Hopkins have helped me throughout my high school career because real life scenarios were described in the different books and it allowed me to learn from the mistakes that were made. Friendships can turn into good or bad