Phi 440 Week 4

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Profit & Non Profit
John Doe
PHI 440
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01 October 20**

This paper is going to outline both not for profit and for profit organizations and the ethical dilemma’s they both face. In addition to describing the dilemma’s are what each company is doing to over come these obstacles. The two organizations I will be writing about are Joy Junction, a non-profit, local faith-based church and UNICEF, a global for profit organization whose purpose is to better the lives of children in every corner of our planet.
Joy Junction is a faith-based church and its’ mission is to help the homeless in Albuquerque. It is a not for profit organization which started in 1986. They have been able to provide food, shelter, clothing, and safety to the homeless in Albuquerque. Whether it’s an individual or a large family, they try not to turn anybody away. They don’t discriminate for any reason: sex, sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, age, or religion. Joy Junction is a place of refuge to those who have been forced into the streets and is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to helping homeless men, women, children, and families in Albuquerque by providing food, clothing, shelter, and safety.
An ethical dilemma joy junction faces every night is that they have to make the difficult decision on whether to turn people away because there isn’t any space available or to overcrowd the building allow them in which would violate fire codes and create a potential hazard. Every day, Joy Junction provides shelter for as many as 300 homeless men, women, children and families. About 118 of the homeless guests sleep on mats on the floor of the Multi-Purpose Building. Currently, there is limited capacity in the building they use to shelter the homeless. Unfortunately, due to a lack of space means that many are turned away every night when there is no room left. This lack of space also means they must use the Multi-Purpose Building as a classroom, church, kitchen, and dining hall in addition to sleeping quarters. The existing chapel has not been usable for 25 years due to severe flood damage in 1986 and must be rebuilt in order to accommodate the homeless. The number of people turned down nightly is always posted on their Facebook page in order to let people know that there are people sleeping outside and need prayers.
In order to address the issues of overcrowding, a plan has been put in place to build a bigger facility in order to better serve the homeless in Albuquerque. Engineers report that the school building will cost considerably more to fix than to rebuild. Joy Junction also needs a separate facility for abused women and their children, to aid in their recovery and enhance their safety. The kitchen is too small for the preparation of 210,000 meals per year, a number that will continue to grow. The estimated cost of a new dormitory, community chapel, women’s center, and a vocational training center is $8,000,000. Ideally, this could be completed in one phase, however if there are funding issues, the individual building would have to be built in separate phases.
Another problem they face is funding for its services. Joy Junction doesn’t receive any funding from the state, federal, or local. Its only source of funding comes from charitable donations. Joy Junction serves as many as 300 people a night including children. Because they are a faith based outreach ministry, they don’t receive any federal, state, or local funding to continue its mission. Charitable donations are the sole source of income for and thanks to many generous donations, they are able to serve around 200,000 meals every year. Donations come from businesses and citizens across the city and have had a positive impact in the community. Founder and chief executive, Dr. Jeremy Reynalds, stresses the significance of the outreach in making a difference between life and death