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Conflicting Viewpoints Essay
Week 2 Assignment 1.1

Peter Elbow’s explanation of the “Believing Game” and the “Doubting Game” from the book expert. The believing games were made to help us understand the opposing side of a argument. It shows us both sides of the argument so you can see where everyone is coming from.
It shows that both sides have a point of view that they stand on. It also shows that one side would have to give in for there to be a right side to be on. (pos)

The topic I chose from Website is animal testing. My position on this is against the testing of animals. I chose this topic as I am an animal lover; to me animals are family not testing objects. They are not just trash that should be thrown out or hurt to prove a point no matter what they state the testing is helping. Would you test on a human? (pos) (at)

After reviewing the Website three reasons under the pro section stand out.
The first is that animal testing has contributed to saving lives with cures and treatments. The second on that pops out is that animals themselves benefit from the results of animal testing. The third took me longer to choose animals are appropriate research subjects as they are similar to the human body. (pos) (at)

After reviewing the Website three reasons under the con section stand out.
The first one that jumped out is animal testing is cruel and inhumane. The second is that there are alterative testing methods that are can replace the need for animal. The third is animals can suffer like humans do, so experimenting on them is wrong. (pos) (at)

Using the “Believing Game”: trying to agree with something I disagree with. One thing that is helpful about this view is that there are many cures for all different types of diseases thanks to animal testing; saving life’s of human and animal. If I believed this view I would notice all the good that the testing has done in helping people and animal with the different diseases have treatment and prolong life. A condition were this idea might be true is children that are dying from cancers, due to the testing on animals we can keep this