Research Paper On Socialism By Marx

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Marx on Socialism


1. (Alienation Claim) Private property is the main cause of alienation and misery in contemporary society.
2. (Historical Claim) Private property is the main cause of violence and misery in all of human history.
Socialism will eliminate these problems by eliminating private property.

The Alienation Claim

Human Nature: According to Marx people are fundamentally creative problem solvers. We may have other primary motives but our industrious nature is our most important natural quality.

Intrinsic Value - Valued for its own sake
Instrumental Value - Valued for some other purpose

Capitalism destroys intrinsic value and makes us all miserable in contemporary life.

1. Alienation

2. Autonomy

3. Democracy


The Historical Claim

KARL MARX Marx's characterization of SOCIALISM is inseparable from a view of history. For Marx, the history of HBs reveals the successive stages of different Modes of Production by which people gain control over nature (and each other). According to Marx, human history has revealed four stages or Modes of Production and will inevitably experience a fifth in which private property is abolished.


1. Primitive Community Hunter / Gatherer culture in which work is divided between members of small groups in the name of efficiency.

2. Slave State Powerful members of the group dominate weaker members of the group as property = forced and free labor.

3. Feudal State