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PHIL 215
Lecture #9 Today:
1. Midterms Returned & Comments
2. A few final remarks about I.P.
3. Ethics of Advertising & Marketing: (Video + Lecture) Midterm Info:
High: 96%
Avg. 76%
­ Generally, very well done, esp. Case Study
­ One more thing to go: Final Exam worth 55%.
­ Take home; 1 week; Prof Orend grades it; non­cumulative with exception of Case Study

Office Hours:
Every Monday. HH 327. 3:45pm ­ 5:15pm
E­Mail: (e.g. for soft copy of Question Sheet)

2 I.P. Issues:
1. OxyContin (opiate, extremely addictive) patent expiring as we speak...
2. What of new tech, invented by employee, on company time / resources: who gets ownership? Standard practice currently is to have employees sign away their intellectual property. (Examples: switch / B2B software) Contracts transferring ownership of I.P. that you invent, to them. Takeaway: negotiate for royalty instead of advance: 5% on profit per unit sold and take half of advance offered.

Advertising & Marketing:
Video: “Consuming Kids”:
On YouTube: Website:­kids/ (The clipped commercial in full: )

Lecture Portion:
­ Cash in exchange for goods / services
­ “Illegal Things”:
­ Pyramid / Ponzi scheme
­ Perpetual Sales (“Never buy furniture in the middle of the week” ­ one of the most demonstrable ways to get sales is to convinces people that they are actually saving)
­ “Bait & Switch” (Advertise M at $200, but then store says that they are “out” of M;
However, store then tries to sell you a different product)

­ USA: Deregulation: Early ‘80s: Reagan
­ CDA:
1989 Irwin Toy;
CSC Commercial Speech just as protectable as political speech. Section 01: “Reasonable Limitations to all following...” 1.