Phil Jackson Leadership Style Analysis

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For me, Phil Jackson’s methods are like honey. No matter how you explain it you cannot compare it to any other coaching techniques. Honey is just honey! “It’s a mysterious juggling act that requires not only a thorough knowledge of the time-honored laws of the game but also an open heart, a clear mind, and a deep curiosity about the ways of the human spirit.” (p. 10). The three main leadership lessons that resonated with me were Sharing Authority and Not Being a “Control Freak”, Encouraging New Experiences, and Stop Trying to Chase a “Winning Formula”. While each of these lessons brings value to the team, through understanding each lesson, they can also help develop individual character and integrity.
The lesson of Sharing Authority and
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“Grit entails working strenuously toward challenges, maintaining effort and interest over years despite failure, adversity, and plateaus in progress” (Duckworth, Peterson, Matthews & Kelly, 2007, p.1087). As a former athlete, the ability to understand losing is just as important than winning is a vital aspect that can be used throughout life. As an effective leader, Phil Jackson demonstrated that during the championship finals when the Lakers played the 76ers. Although the Lakers went on to win, it was the struggle they endured throughout the game and season. “I was relieved that this crazy season was finally over. Yet when I reflect back on it, I realized an important lesson that year about transforming conflict into healing” Jackson & Delehanty, 2013 p. 248).
To incorporate these lessons within my own leadership, I plan to continue to be coachable, be more responsive to the development of social, behavioral, and emotional skills that enable people to thrive. I believe development manifests from improvement through evaluation and practice. “Greatness is a spiritual condition” Mathew Arnold (cited in Jackson & Delehanty, 2013 p.