Phil: Wright Brothers and Disturbed Neighbor Hood Essay

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Opinion essay (monster)

Where we come form does not define who we are. Weather we come for a disturbed neighbor hood or a wealthy neighbor hood doesn’t effect how we turn out to be in the future. First they’re not all bad one has the power to live in an underprivileged family and still maintain a good image. It all comes down to weather you’re a good person inside you Carrie your self not your community if I know that I am a good person and I show that I am good person people will notice it too and forget where I came from. Like in the book……………………….

What’s inside of your home reflects on what you become outside of it. If you have been raised in a good home and your parents taught you well it will show outside of your home. For example if your patents taught you respect and all around good manures you will be respectful to other outside of your home in other hands if you have not been taught well in your home you probably wont be as respectful cause you haven’t been taught to be. Like in the book Steve never talk in a disrespectful manor while other in the book swore and say inappropriate things.

Many people judge us based on are appearance but do not know what lies beneath can be empowering. You may see where I live you may see what I wear but you don’t know how I am in side we can be the same people we can like the same thing but if you don’t give me the chance how would you know by the appearance of my house my…