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Company Background:
Bella Health Spa and Fitness is a fitness club facility that offers quality fitness equipment with LCD screens on each machine, two Olympic size indoor pools, weight room, fitness classes, indoor track, mind/body studios, nutrition training, and saunas. Bella Spa and Fitness’s facility also includes a spa offering a wide assortment of luxury spa services and signature body treatments for our guests to rejuvenate. Our company mission is for our members to exercise their bodies, rejuvenate, and ultimately live a healthy lifestyle through fitness training, mind/body classes, nutritional training and spa rejuvenation. We employ a highly-trained staff of experts who can help individuals reach personalized fitness and nutrition goals. Currently, we have three locations in Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Reading, and Willow Grove.

To: Lisa Williams
From: Brittany Bardo
Date: November 12, 2013
Subject: Philanthropic Program Proposal: Marathon Kids
Dear Mrs. Williams,

After careful research on possible philanthropic organizations for Bella Health Spa and Fitness to support, I found the Marathon Kids to be the best charity for us to work with. United by a common goal in fitness, nutrition and psychological well-being, our involvement in this charity will be mutually beneficial. Marathon Kids can benefit from us as we educate them on nutrition, fitness training, and mind/body exercises while also setting up fundraising events. By dedicating our time to aid in the improvement of health and physical activity in children, our involvement will improve our reputation, appeal to our clientele and boost employee morale.

Why the Marathon Kids Charity?
Marathon Kids was founded in 1995 by Kay Morris, a self-described "middle-aged slow runner from Austin, Texas. After Kay discovered her passion for running, she came up with the idea that motivation for running a marathon would help children run more and experience the joy of physical activity. Through the 26.2 Mile Challenge, events, and the Wellness Team Initiative, Marathon Kids develops healthy habits and behaviors for children. Marathon Kids motivates teachers and families to become involved in their 26.2 marathon challenge, they promote positive nutritional habits to fuel healthy minds and bodies, and they provide the tools and resources to motivate and support families in their health goals. The Marathon Kids program’s mission is for children to develop the love and habit of moving through space and to carry forward the power of muscular, nutritional and psychological well-being.
Financial Information
The Marathon Kids charity is financially responsible and has a good financial score to show that it is financially stable. In reference to financial data from
Financial score of 64.8 out of 70
73.3% of its expenses go to its programs
It has a primary revenue growth of 51.1%; increasing from $1,222,927 in 2011 to $2,236,824 in 2012

How Can We Get Involved?
1. Annually, we could hold a 26.2 mile running/walking marathon near the Art Museum in Philadelphia for a donation of $25 and give each participant a free T-shirt with the charity name printed on the front and our company logo on the back. We will be able to get outside supporters, children, clients, and employees involved in the charity and simultaneously raise money for this cause.
2. Our fitness and nutrition experts could visit schools and