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Philip Gipson
Creative writing
Mrs. Emily Williams

My day started off a little earlier than it usually did on a Saturday. I woke up about seven O’clock to get ready for the men’s breakfast at church, which starts at eight. The men’s breakfast is a gathering of the male leaders of the church where we eat breakfast and talk about upcoming events and planning them and then we do a group devotional. We do this once a month. My buddies Clay and Breyton were there also because they are leaders in our youth group just as I am. After it was over we all decided to hang out. It was a extremely bright summer day with hardly a cloud in the sky so clay said we should just drive around and go dirt road riding but first he wanted to try something to make the exhaust on his car sound better. So we went to the gas station right up the road and got a couple of monster energy drinks and went back to the church. We drank the drinks the then clay told us that we were supposed to cut the cans in half and duct tape them to the exhaust pipe, so we did. Then we tested it to see if it worked. Well it turned out to sound like crap and Clay and I knew it but Breyton loved it so we just didn’t say anything because we didn’t want him to get butt hurt. Then Breyton found a wife beater and a pole and made a flag to stick on his truck, which just yelled “hey! I’m a cracker”. But then we went for a ride and went back towards Breyton’s house and went down Oak Bowery dirt road which Clay decided he was gonna drift on so I got in the truck with Breyton and tried to video but Clay sped way ahead of us and was kicking up a lot of dust so we slowed down and Breyton saw a giant mud hole which I didn’t see until we were half way sunk. Now anyone with any sense would no better than to go in 3 foot mud hole with out a big truck with four wheel drive but the one we were in was a old small Nissan pickup with front wheel drive with no power so it just stopped and sunk, and I mean sunk. We were in so deep we had to climb through the windows to get out. So I looked down to the end of the road hoping Clay had a town hook under his car but he ran around the corner about 300 yards from where we were waving his arms frantically so I ran down there and asked him what had happened and he just pointed down the road