Philippine Migration Essay

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Philippine Migration Migration from the Philippines has historically been gendered. United States’ imperialist relations with the Philippines after World War II established a somewhat Americanized state. Americans established English schools, educated women as nurses, and many other things that helped to create a more Americanized state. This helped to create gendered migration pattern. Different employment needs around the world helped further a gendered migration pattern. Men are typically hired for jobs that include physical labor being that they are more physically able to manage heavy-lifting. Because of this, men are hired in developing places such as Dubai. In places where infrastructure has been established—like the United States and Canada—men are not needed for such work, and women are more desired to fill positions such as caregiver, nurse, and secretary. Developing nations need help establishing infrastructure which requires construction in which men work. However, women, especially Filipinas, are encouraged in their home countries to pursue nursing, a particularly gendered profession, in order to work on a professional level in places where medical professionals are in demand such as Canada and the United States. Once women arrive in the United States and establish themselves, many of them send for their family to reunite with them. However blissful these women imagine this to be, it does not always turn out the way they wished. For example, in the film When