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Jacob Sniscak
Criminal Justice
Crime in Philadelphia
The video that we watched depicts the crime problem that has spread in the urban parts of the United States. The camera crew follows the Philadelphia Police Department through their everyday patrols of some of the most dangerous areas in the country. In North Philadelphia there are many problems which usually result in violence and one of the key factors in the crime is drug dealing. The drug dealing that occurs in the streets can affect everyone in the community just not the people who choose to partake in the illegal activity. The drug dealing that happens usually could end in violence and maybe even death because many of the people who are a part of the drug game are very ruthless and make sure they always come out on top. They have a sense of pride and if they feel disrespected they must act or they might lose the respect of their peers. While on the patrol the police found a man with a loaded hand gun and arrest him on the spot. While the police are arresting him a bunch of his friends and peers come outside and start disrespecting the police and making accusations that they were arresting their friend for no reason. While the police did have a perfectly good reason to arrest him the people keep complaining how the police pick on them even though they did find a gun on him and helped stop what could have been a disaster. The problem with the people in the ghetto is that no one wants to work hard for a living and