Philo: Appeal and Friendship Model Essay

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Essay #1

Instructions: For this writing assignment you will need to write an outline and a 3-4 page essay. Both should be handed in to your TA. Please note the change to the submission deadline.

Prompt: In the article “A Defense of Abortion,” Judith Thomson claims that mothers do not have a special duty to care for their children by virtue of their biological relationship. Kaczor rejects this claim, arguing that there are several special duties to care for others due to one’s biological relationship. In his defense Kazcor appeals to two duties that he believes we hold to be uncontroversial: (a) children’s special duty to their parents; and (b) fathers’ special duty to care for their offspring (Kazcor, 166-7). Is Kazcor’s criticism successful? If yes, what impact does this have on Thomson’s argument? If no, what does Thomson’s argument tell us about the ground of parental duty to their children?

Assignment: Your essay will include six sections. 1. In the first section write a brief introduction. 2. In the second section (1) use one paragraph to briefly explain the analogy Thomson relies on to support her claim, and (2) use two paragraphs to explain the reasons Kaczor provides to illuminate duties (a) and (b). 3. In the third section (1) briefly explain Jane English’s Friendship Model and show how this could pose a problem for Kazcor’s appeal to children’s duty to their parents; then (2) briefly state whether you believe that the appeal to