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1.) Judaism, Christianity and Islam

2.) what does via negative mean ? speaking of God in terms of what he is not e.g he is not evil

3.) what does it mean to say that God is omnipotent ?
All powerful

4.) All knowing

5.) The basic problem is that God knows what we will do before we do it which means that it must be true that we perform this action before we actually perform it in some way. Another problem is that omniscience goes against all forms of free will which is what every human is supposed to have according to the bible.

6.) Because of the fact that God must of somehow came into knowledge as to create the world in the first place, therefore god being omniscient – (all knowing) is surely false as this means God came into knowledge that at a prior point he did not have.

7.) Omnibenevolent- All Loving

8.) In many Eastern religions for example Hinduism, the concept of god is complex and depends on the particular tradition, meaning that God is made of many different Gods, (polytheism). Many other Eastern religions may see God to be the supreme being.

9.) Some of the main problems to prove the existence of God are obvious such as the point of the fact there is no evidence for his existence as we can not see him, another is the fact that why does God let so much suffering in the world happen ? surely God doesn’t want his people to be hurt. Another problem is science, as it is growing and developing to the extent that we prove and find out more and more things about ourselves and the planet as the years go on and the origins of our existence.

‘Proving the existence of God is a worthless exercise’

I believe that proving the existence of God is important through out how we lead our lives as human beings. This is because I see the earth and its subtle detailed beauties and I think to myself that it is evident with how extremely complex and confusing it all is that something non human must have created it, this being, God.

Science will tell you that it’s always worthless trying to prove the existence of God as everything can be explained by humans and