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Philosophy Paper 7
Affordable Care Act
Erin Martin

The issue of health care reform and the Affordable Health Care Act bring ethical issues to the forefront as individuals, communities and the country struggle with how to provide quality health care for the many without sacrificing basic rights. We must define what we want from our health care system. In my opinion, we must first want high quality health care that can provide the greatest benefits to the most people. We also must strive for the freedom of choosing not only our health care providers but which ideal of health we want to follow. For example, wellness and preventive care must be just as affordable as emergency and primary care that deal with ongoing and pre existing conditions.

Kantian ethics is based on what Immanuel Kant claimed is the supreme principle of morality, the Categorical Imperative. The idea that whenever we act we must be conscious of determining what is right. And by doing what is morally right it will lead to an increase in good. Based on Kantian ethics no individual should be given preferential treatment nor should they be discriminated against. Based on ethics and on reason it is clear that everyone should have social justice in healthcare. Inequality of all types are morally wrong in Kantian ethics so therefore not allotting healthcare to the poor and those who can not afford high premiums is morally wrong.

Many residents of the United States are excluded from receiving healthcare rights based on utilitarianism. The greatest good for the greatest number is based on the emotion of happiness. How can happiness be measured when evaluating the ever growing needs of an aging population. One must place importance on motives and the moral value of the…