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Love Does not Exist
Love holds a universal meaning because everyone has felt its affect in life, whether its by a spouse, for their children or even for themselves. But the question is, is the concept of love truly real? Does it signify something authentic in the human experience? I am arguing that it does not. argument one: “The Concept of Love is Superficial”
When you’re with your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife, significant other, you want to kiss them, or hold them right? And when you’re with your mom or dad or sister you want to give them a hug? . Humans commonly refer to love as filling a space in your heart, feeling adored and wanting to love another, But scientifically, love is not even an emotion. Love in our society is just a superficial concept that is learned from social conditioning. In religion, we’re told to love and praise god, in books at school, or on TV, we are told about mommy and daddy, loving each Because humans do not know of any other possibilities, and are not interested in considering contradictions, this leads to the mistaken belief of love which is passed on from one person to another person. As Pierce said in his passage “The Fixation of Belief” it is far easier to live ignorantly in belief, then to doubt and questions a propositions contradiction. Another cause which affects human’s beliefs comes from the Article “Your Brain lies to you” by the New York Times which says that when a belief sounds emotionally selective, you chose to believe it. So naturally, we become deceived into thinking love exists, when really it’s just a natural affection. Here’s an example of when this superficial love concept applies to you in modern day. Let’s say you’ve been dating someone for two months. Someone might ask you; do you love him/her? You might even ask yourself, do I love him? You’re unsure, because you don’t know what love is, because this love thing doesn’t really exist. You might even decide YES I love him, because I like being around him, he gives me butterflies, he makes me smile, I think he’s cute etc, the way your acting with him really checks off a lot of the signs of “love. But really, you’re just showing your natural affections for someone. And besides, even if it were to exist, following a solipsist perspective, how could we even know what love is compared to one another. What I see as love could be perceived as hatred to you.

ARGUMENT 2: “Loves inherent “Unconditionality” is strictly false.”
A lot of the time, people who are into the concept of love, claim that love is being unconditional. They’ll often say things like love knows no bounds, and does not insist on conditions around it. For example, for richer or poorer, sickness and in health, you know the typical wedding spiel before that man and wife vow before they kiss! This is such a false statement, because theoretically if this concept of love existed, there are endless conditions associated with it, making this statement completely illogical. It basically implies that we are like slaves of love, with no way out.. For example, let’s say we have a married couple, for 25 years, or a couple graduating high school who “LOVE” each other so deeply!!. And they end up breaking up saying things like love you, but I can’t do this anymore. Or I love you, but you’re holding me back, I have to go to this school 2000 miles away and chase my dreams etc. Uhmm hello, does this not contradict everything that love stands for? If you love someone unconditionally, and you decide that with your significant other, there are no ifs ands or butts. You can’t love someone unconditionally, and then end the romance. That breaks Aristotle’s law of non-contradiction. Therefore,