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1) The main concern in the Meditations is the certain existences. It connects to “Appearance and Reality” by that it discuss about what really exist and what is just imaginations.
2) Descartes realize that he had believed multitude errors that he had accepted as true. He claims that sometimes the senses can be deceived. Now, he begins a new life from the very foundations, and with more certain grounds. He expects to achieve some secure and lasting result in science, which means to make everything more certain.
3) It will be endless to doubt each belief individually. Instead, he claims that he will doubt right at the very foundations and the basic principles, where his opinions are found.
4) He brought up the idea of lunatics because they are the people that are easier to be deceived. We the “normal people” need no worry about that.
5) The experiences and sensations from awake and in our dream have not much in difference. What we have in our dreams is something we are familiar with. It is something we transform from our waking experience. We can never doubt the sense-data.
6) He assumes that there is an evil spirit out there trying to push him to deceive himself. With such reason, he can doubt everything and not fall into this evil spirit. Descartes also doubts the goodness of the God that the God sometimes can even make our conceptions of