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Cody Moseley
Philosophy 101
The Dream Theory Sigmund Freud or the father of psychoanalysis believed that we go through life in an Dream State. Through dreams we can understand our being and through these interpretations of dreams you can find your inner pathology. He believes that nothing you do occurs by chance. Every action and thought we have is motivated by your unconscious at some level. Like Frued I believe in order to live in a civilized society, you tend to hold back your urges and impulses. However, we do need to release these urges in some way. Like Sigmund Freud my claim is that we have a pre-determined inner self-conscious path, we let our hidden paths and urges run wild when we sleep. This is something that we wish we could do in our lives but choose not to access our deeper paths. In fear that our urges may not be accepted. First, Like Sigmund Freud, I believe that dreams are when your guard is truly down. When you sleep is when you allow your mind to go absolutely wild. All of your urges and feeling you suppress in the natural world come out on a subconscious level. Our minds are a powerful tool and the only person who can speak to it is yourself. I feel that no one really knows who you are or what thoughts are swimming through your head. We are on a pre-determined path, we as people are born with a conscious. This conscious already knows what we want to say and how we are going to handle certain situations. That is our inner pathology, we as people go through life trying to find and build who we are. Even though we think we can determine who we become, we can’t because our inner path won’t allow us. Our inner self knows who we are and there is no changing that.
Second, sometimes our inner conscious isn’t the voice we want to listen to. Our inner path or actions aren’t always what is acceptable in today’s life style, you can’t always say or even do what your upmost being is pressing you to do. As human beings tend to suppress our thoughts and actions. For example, you have boss at work that constantly gives you a hard time. Im sure during and even after a frustrating relationship with a coworker there is plenty of things you want to say or even do to that person. Maybe, you play through the scenario that