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Is science making belief in God obsolete?

Gladys Caceres

University of Minnesota

Professor: James Schaar

July 8, 2013

Is science making belief in God Obsolete?


This question has been defined as question that scientist tend to confirm by providing theories for every existing phenomenon. In every existing factor, behavior or phenomenon science always has an explanation as to why it exists apart from the creation theory (John Templeton Foundation, n.d.). This trend has created a perception in people whereby the creation story holds little or no significance. Religious leaders may point out that every behavior change or a person’s attitude towards another is influenced by the power of God.

However, scientists tend to agree on that point. For instance, one may point out that one attitude towards them dictates the way in which you perceive and treat them. If God was influencing personal relationships it is an obvious assumption that there would be fewer disagreements among people (John Templeton Foundation, n.d.). The attitude of a person towards another person greatly depends on the relationship between the two people and God has no influence over that.

Civilization of humanity has also been cited as the cause of the most global trends we have and not influence by God. In the past centuries the globe has experienced numerous barbaric practices. However, with time practices such as slavery, mistreatment of children and sever criminal punishment have been abolished. Scientific theories argue that with these occurrences, scientific and scholarly understanding and interpretation has increased but people the belief in God and religion has decreased (John Templeton Foundation, n.d.). This proves that human nature and civilization plays a major role in the globe than God.

No, and yes

No, in fact the existence of science has proven the existence of a supreme nature in which substances and matter are formed. According to the Greek philosophers, what they prove and provide theory to were already in existence (John Templeton Foundation, n.d.). For instance, Physics philosophers proved the existence of atoms and particles arranged in a complex form. The philosophers only explain and give theory to these complex arrangements. If given the chance to create the same atom arrangement they would fail. This proves that apart from science another power greater that any human understanding…