Philosophy: Existence and Cosmological Argument Essay

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Understanding Philosophy My interpretation of philosophy is deep thought into knowledge, human nature, and the existence that we believe surrounds us. When I say deep thought I mean to try to gain a better understanding and to study these thoughts. Referring to “Knowledge, human nature, and existence that we believe surround us” I am trying to understand what is real and where it came from. What is reality to us and how did it get here? What we know is knowledge, human nature, and existence with the physical and non-physical things that surround us. Aquinas argument on the existence of God through the order of the world helps to further explain my definition of philosophy. I overall agree with Aquinas reasons on the belief of God due to the order set around us and compare the points of my definition to his. Aquinas believes that his cosmological argument is epistemic rationality, rationality that comes from the concerns evidence for the truth of a proposition. Aquinas states that the world exhibits order L (logos), if so then God Exists, therefore God Exist. He uses a cosmological argument to prove God’s existence saying that “cosmological argument makes some appeal to the empirical world about us.” By saying that, he calls attention to certain features of our world with five ways; through motion, formality of efficient causation, possibility and necessity, gradation to be found in things, and governance of the world. Through these five ways Aquinas was proving God’s existence saying that without God the order in our world would not be possible. For example When Aquinas states that “whatever is in motion must be put in motion by another… Therefore it is necessary to arrive at a first mover, put in motion by no other; and this everyone understands to be God.” These five ways that Aquinas uses to prove God’s existence, in a way represents order in which we have in our world. “Given that the universe exhibits a certain kind of order, the argument goes; we must conclude that God exists as the source or explanation of that order. Thus, where Aquinas counts five ways of proving God’s existence, we may look for five different principles of order, each of which requires the existence of God to explain.” I personally feel that Aquinas cosmological argument for Gods existence has truth. I think that the explanation for a lot of the order surrounding us is God. That without Gods existence, the order of what surrounds