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A century of cineima – susan sonta
“If cinephilia is dead, then movies are dead too . . . no matter how many movies, even very good ones, go on being made. If cinema can be resurrected, it will only be through the birth of a new kind of cine-love.”

In the last 100 years movies where produced with great artistic achievements these films were made for purley entertament purposes. That is until these last decade where capitalist have changed the whole market making movies for a commercial appeal this is consider to be commercial cieneima , capitalist have allowed the market to settle for policy of bloated, derivative film making that is no longer art but pumped up commercialism also These films have failed to reach the majority of their target audiances they are missing the mark of creating a great film.

The cinema’s of the past where great achevements they where consider one of a kind achevments works of art that could not be repuduced. “But coomercail cinema has settled for a the policy of derivative film making a brazen combinatory or recombinatory art” trying to reproduce past success

But perhaps the cinema it self is not ending but maybe the love of the cinema inspired has ended cinephila. Every form of art has its own fanatics .

” The love that cinema inspired, however, was special. It was born of the conviction that cinema was an art unlike any other: quintessentially modern; distinctively accessible; poetic and mysterious and erotic and moral -- all at the same