Essay about Philosophy: Knowledge and Adult Learning

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“Adult Learning Theory”

Trena L. Murphy




In the two articles I read, there were many similar responses to the theory of how adults learn. Interestingly, the theory that adult learning has much to do with our experiences and how we story our lives and how we look at the story that other people’s lives tell. It was said that adult learning is affected by our social environment and this can vary from individual to individual. Some environmental reasons that can affect adult learning are said to be the workplace, our society and even our families. In the first article adult learning is said to be closely related to the person creating a story to help make their learning have more meaning. We “story” our lives to give meaning to our experiences. (Clark and Rossiter, 2001 p.96) Most of the stories that are created are ones we create because we believe in them. These learning experiences are based on the person, their jobs environment and of course family. In the second article it is theorized that adult learning is said to be determined by the individual and their social environment. Also, experience plays a great deal in affecting the adult learning process. Differences in social backgrounds as well as individual experiences, relatively have an effect on the learning of each adult. In one instance it is said that when we are learning, we tend to create stories or try and relate the learning experience with something we already know. Stories can relate to our environment, our jobs or our families. In another instance the other article states that the person and their surroundings or social environment can determine the way learning takes place. In conclusion, adult learning is a process that has many different dimensions, but in these articles, it is understood that our environment, our experiences, our social backgrounds, our jobs and our families play a significant part in the way we learn. We create stories or look at the stories of the lives of other people to help us find meaning in our learning.


Adult learning is a process that has many aspects surrounding it. My eyes have been opened, because before I knew this theory existed, I have used it. Throughout my adult life, I tend to learn better when I can relate what I am learning with what I am either experiencing at the time or what I have experienced in the past. I have also created stories that are true to my beliefs; in which help me learn. In the first article it really touched home with me because I do create stories that relate to me on many levels, like my job, my family and my surroundings. These things have all played a part in assisting me in my learning process. In the second article, it is similar to article one because it also suggests that learning has to do with our experiences. And for me, I clearly find