Philosophy: Mass Media and Everyday People Essay

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Afghanistall? Somewhere west of India?, AJR 25(2), pp. 169-188

The researchers believe that the geography and numbers tests reported here are indicators of general knowledge, a key ingredient of successful journalism.
The answers, in each case, could be easily found by a careful consumption of daily media. However, it has been established over a number afyears that jour- nalism students do not necessarily pay much attention to newspapers, radio or television.
The expansion of communication flows and global online networks raise the possibility of a new dimension of globalisation, and new forms of global/local media flows. Broadly speaking, new media technologies allow for media content to flow easily across borders and enable users to become producers, which in turn lead to hybrid media forms - See more at:

I completely agree with you Candice, thankyou for your intersting post! I think it is very important to keep an open mind in exploring other cultures and ideas and having 24 hour news coverage on channels like fox and sky news is a great way for us as an audience to stay connected with news events all around the world, the longer hours of coverage also allows Australian Journalists to be working in tune with international times zones. In terms of social media, i am so fascinated about how facebook, twitter and other social sites are these days used to break news and can be used by everyday people as news sources (however the accuracy of the stories are very questionable) But these days scrolling through a facebook feed, it is amazing to see how many times a post or photo can be shared, without even being friends with a person or connected mutally you can see peoples status' from all around the world discussing everything from first world problems to politics. I have found out so many breaking news stories on my social sites rather than on television or papers, in particular the boston bombings in 2013. Only minutes after the attack you could see videos and photographs of by standers in Amercia sharing the pics on facebook and spreading the story as it happened. It is so much easier to flick through a social media app and see the news stroy written over a certain amount of characters than to buy a newspaper and read an article about the story, or with lifestyle demands television isn't always the most convient source to turn to and this point is clearly stated in the extact:
"The answers in each case, could easily be found by a careful consumption of…