Philosophy: Metaphysics and Eternal Law Essay

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Hayley Conway
September 31 On Free Choice of Will There are a ton of questions in this book that takes a lot of time and detail to explain each case. The first question asked is if God is the cause of evil? Augustine then answers Evodius' question by saying God is not evil and does no cause evil. However, those who are naturally evil at heart are punished by God. "We believe that everything that exists comes from the one God, and yet we believe that God is not the cause of sins" (Augustine 3).

Since learning is seen as beneficial and positive and sinning is negative, it is also believed that people have not learned how to sin. It is believed that once we have a foundation of sin, it is a vicious cycle. Its like Karma. One who does evil will experience evil, which will make them act out and not stop doing evil things. Overall, what it boils down to is that "we do evil by the free choice of our will" (Augustine 27).

There is a theory of eternal law and temporal law. Eternal law is absolutely positively unchangeable. It tells the soul to live perfectly without following an evil acts. Those that follow the eternal law will have a happy life and have a burning, passionate force of love that consumes them everyday. Those who are selfish for materialistic belongings and participate in sinful acts should not persuade those who are tempted to follow in their footsteps.

Temporal Law on the other hand, are laws that should be followed within their…