Philosophy: Need and Gatorade Essay

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Damian Gonzalez
Period 5

Which modern day company has the best advertisements? Why? Include specific examples, in detail and a picture of the product.

There are many great products with great commercials, and or advertisements, but the one that really caught mine and the rest of the worlds attention was Gatorade. I believe Gatorade has the best advertisements. They have amazing athletes who promote and who show that Gatorade improves your skills and endurance. Gatorade makes you believe that the drink will push you to your limits. Gatorade has three different series of drinks, and a surplus of flavors. The first series is all about you reaching your prime or your best. The second series boosts your performance. When you want to surpass your peak or prime you take the second series. Once you’ve reached your limit and feel like you can no longer go on the second series will give you the boost you need to succeed. In other words it will give you “Everything to Prove”. The last series is the recovery stage. Once you can no longer go, even after the boost. The third series was engineered to make you feel better after a work out or a run, and replenish all of your nutrients that you lost once you were giving it your all. There are three different commercials for the Gatorade series. The first is an athlete giving it his all and no one can stop him. It shows a certain athlete who is determined to dominate in his or her sport, who nobody can beat. The second series is of a…