Philosophy: Need and Local Thrift Store Essay

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Many people have different perspectives on how people should live their lives. There are many different views on how your own self should act and how other people should act even how old or younger people should act. Everyone has their own opinion and this is mine. There are people out there with personalities completely different than mine. There are people that are grouchy all the time and have huge forehead wrinkles all across their forehead from scolding people too much. Not me. There are people that are way too happy, like the people that work in the McDonalds drive through that you can totally tell they are lying to you by covering up that they are mad by putting a huge ear-to-ear grin on their face and talking in a high pitched voice. Not me. There are the personalities that are just neutral, and those are the people that I’m jealous of because they don’t have a care in the world. Not me. But me, I am the personality that has to have everything perfect. My makeup has to be perfect before I go to school my clothes need to match, my nails need to be painted, and my school stuff all has to be organized and perfect. My grades not so much…due to my lack of engagement of studying but other than that my life is pretty much focused on what other people think about me. That’s not always a good thing. I usually get caught up in trying to please too many people at one time. That is why a couple years ago I decided to give myself rules and standards; a philosophy.
Some of the personalities in this world are lazy and don’t care about anyone but themselves. But me, I believe everyone should at least try to make a difference. Whether it be to just pick up a piece of trash that you see floating across the side walk while you’re walking your dog on a nice summer day or volunteering at a local thrift store to manage their clothing or work the cash register. Everyone needs help once in a while. Sometimes it’s the people that don’t think they need help. Sometimes it’s you. Would you want someone to help you if you had never helped someone else? Does…