Philosophy Of Copywriting Essay

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Philosophy of Copy Writing

A philosophy is a worldview that is a system of values by which one lives. It is also a set of ideas or beliefs about a field. In Merriam­Webster Dictionary, a philosophy means ‘the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life’. It is clearly that one’s philosophy is very important, because it can affect others with what you believe and what you write. That is why, a biblical philosophy is necessary for a Christian copywriter.
A writer is like an artist. You can turn the writing of your works into a beautiful picture or a not­so­attractive picture, but the most important part is the meaning of what you write. Since a copywriter can easily influence the audience of what he writes, it is extremely important for a
Christian writer to not only create a work about Christ or the Bible, but to glorify Him in every way. Because the talents that you own are all from God, your Creator. In order to glorify Him, you need to wisely use his blessings and talents that He gave you. The best way to use your copy writing skill is on the non­believers. A Christian copywriter should use his writing skill to show the non­believers that what he believes is unique and special, because of his faith in Christ.
A Christian copywriter should consider about ethics. It is necessary to show respect to the actions of rightness or wrongness. Even if most of the consumers are not thinking for themselves, advertisers should not take advantage of them. The customer will judge you by your character and your beliefs, so the Christian copywriter needs to build trust with them. In order not to reflect poorly on a Christian copywriter, it is important to avoid poorly designed advertisement and cliche concepts. It is also crucial for a Christian copywriter to have a clear, readable writing with correct grammar and mechanics. You will also lose the relationship with customer by giving false advertising, especially when you fail to mention some information,

2 because those information might be important to the reader. Even Bly said that you may manipulate your readers, but never deceit or misrepresent through your skillful writing. Proverbs
28:13 said, “He that covereth his sins shall not prosper.” Since there are multiple competitors, readers will tend to select those advertisements that are truthful and most beneficial to them.
Therefore, in order to catch the reader’s attention, the copywriter can effect them by…