Philosophy of Education Essay

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When people ask me why I want to be a teacher, my first response is I love kids! My second response is I love to see kids light up when they understand something. I love the simple joy they get out of learning something knew or just finally grasping a concept that was challenging for them. Kids are sponges and they soak up everything! It is my responsibility as a teacher to teach my kids the standards of the grade level and subject matter. It is my job to teach them in a way that each child will be able to not only understand but apply the standard. I want to teach these standards and do assessments that are common not only in my classroom but throughout all elementary classrooms across the United States. Therefore, I would really like to work in PLC's. I like how teachers in different schools come together to figure out what to teach and in what order. We as teachers need to realize that we are not alone and that it is not a weakness to ask for help no matter how long you have been teaching. I believe that if we except our students to work in groups than we should also being willing and able to work in groups. However, with that being said I also do not want to lose my creativity. Without creativity the classroom is boring. I want to be able to take the subject matter and go one step further than the textbook, real life. I want to apply everything to something that is happening in real life because to me that brings the material to life. Not only is it my job to teach my