Philosophy of Education Essay

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It is my belief that every child should be treated as an individual and deserves a safe and nurturing environment where he/she is allowed to grow socially and intellectually. I want to be an educator that will help students meet these needs, even before they exist. I want to allow students to take risks and make mistakes and let them know that it is okay not to succeed every time they try. It is important to establish a safe environment for all children regardless of age, sex, race, or any other discrimination. There a few things that can help create these environments, promoting children to ask questions and relate subjects to their own interests, having a teacher who will listen to the needs of the students as well as help them along instead of pull them along and teaching students the golden rule.
When a student is able to relate a topic to his/her own interest it drives him/her to learn more about it. To have a student always questioning why he/she is learning the material will not only give an educator a chance to relate the topic to the student, it also will also build a connection between the the teacher and the student. It is very important for children to have a sense of self-discovery and this can be created by relating curriculum to their own interests.

A teacher’s main job is to motivate and encourage the growth of all their students equally. A teacher introduces a concept, demonstrates it , or gives examples, and then allows the students to try it. The teacher must always be available to aid and assist , but never gives the correct answer. Allowing for the student to make the connections necessary in his/her own mind and the teacher just laying the foundation of the path. A teacher should also be willing to take listen the needs of the class and make an