Philosophy Of Education

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There are many things in life that one can be concerned about. It could be a temporary obsession, or something that they care about throughout their lives. One thing that I have always been concerned about in life is education. I see education as the main goal in life because you always learn about things that you did not know about or at least not as detailed. Education keeps the world moving forward and makes the world a better place by providing the world with more knowledgeable people. It is amazing to know the science behind every little thing in the world. It is also interesting to know about history and to learn where today's world came from.
My family has a lot for respect for education, and my dad as a veterinarian has affected my view in life in a magnificent way. Many of the people who immigrate to the United States move here for the educational opportunities they are offered by our great education system. Getting degrees from American universities is not the same as achieving degrees from universities in other countries.
I moved to the United States along with my brother for educational purposes. We are aiming for the highest degrees and hopefully one day we will reach our goal. I want to be a pharmacist, and hopefully one day I will be able to make a difference in the field of medicine by creating pills of some sort or etc. My brother is moving forward towards becoming a cardiologist, a heart surgeon.
With education we can kill viruses and protect ourselves