Philosophy Of School Counseling

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Philosophy of School Counseling
My philosophy of school counseling begins with constructing trusting relationships with students of different backgrounds in order to properly serve them, having a passion to help support them, and advocate for the success of all students. I believe that in order to be an effective school counselor one must create counseling programs that support the development of student’s personally/socially, academically, and vocationally. With the help of the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) model, I have a vision. My vision is to build effective school counseling programs that facilitate the development and support system that enhances student achievement and promotes the growth in individual students.
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As a leader and advocate, I want to close the gaps between students groups in order to provide equality among the whole. I believe students from different culture bring different experiences into classrooms; therefore, it is up to me to take advantage of these perspectives and use them as further classroom learning. My mission is to create a climate that is intuitive to the differences in the different groups of students that our nation consists of. All students have the right to partake in the educational environment regardless of the diversity of their individuality. To be an effective counselor I plan to continuously educate my students, the facility and myself on the importance of multicultural diversity within our …show more content…
My goal is to create and implement programs that develop my students’ personally/socially, educationally, and vocationally. The following services that address these domains comes from the ASCA national model, which is the framework for comprehensive data-driven school counseling programs (ASCA, 2012). As a school counselor, I have a strong relevance in students’ success and believe that all of them can be successful during their educational experience. In fact, it is very important as a school counselor that we find what students are successful at and embrace them. As well as, finding what they need a little help in and creating programs so they can improve. I want to help them set goals for themselves and watch them reach and exceed them. By aligning school counseling programs with the mission of my school/district, I will be able to collaborate with them for change, ensure equity and access for all of my students, and promote the developmental and educational needs of them as well. As we a school counselor, I will develop programs that reach the needs of individual students. I will create group and individual sessions in order to help with educational and social growth of my students, as well as, practice classroom guidance lessons that are effective and appropriate for students as