Philosophy: Ontology and Gods Right Hand Essay

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The Topic of Philosophy
The argument between the existence of god and the non-existence has existed since begin of time. Atheism is the disbelief of god or a higher power. A lot of atheists go off the fact that there is no physical proof that god exists. They use the example of the invisible gardener. How can one take care of one’s creation, without any evidence of its presence. Without any solid evidence one cannot prove the existence of god.

The belief of the Theists is that a god exists and a plan for all that exists. The theists use the beginning of the universe as evidence of a greater power. This god not only created us, he has a predetermined path (or destiny) set for everyone and everything. This god stands for the greater good, and encourages honest and humble values in most cases. God gives its followers a code to live by. Usually if that code is broken, they are punished for it in the afterlife. The code/guidelines that the god’s provide to their followers, usually promote a moral way of living.

I believe in the atheism, in the sense that there is no higher being. But I do believe in an afterlife. I also believe that these religions came from man in an effort to create a society that would promote a more civilized way of living in a time of struggle and early development. These gods were made to give the people something to believe in. They made these religions so that they may shape a moral and progressive society. I feel that whether or not those gods exist, they have made a positive impact on society as a whole.

The Nature of god is to do something, yet do nothing. God seems to help his followers, but leaves no evidence of him doing so. He constantly intervenes with our lives, but shows little to no presence. God’s a figure that in nature, works in mysterious ways. God is a being that is all powerful but prefers to keep his/her presence a secret. Why god prefers it that way is a mystery to me but, it is the way they work.

If god created everything, then he must have created evil. Evil is what god is trying to get rid of. This seems to make no sense, if god is love. But it may make sense if this is a way for god to make a system to weed out the unworthy. God may have created evil to test the true integrity of the human souls that shall enter heaven. This may be a test to weed out the evil and corrupt so that only the chosen may ascend. This is may seem a little harsh, but god may see the bigger picture (uncomprehend able to us).

There is a possibility that god gave all mankind free will. This free will gives us the opportunity to do what is right and what is wrong. This would put the creation of evil in our hands. God may help others reach enlightenment, but he will not put someone on the path by force. He operates in the shadows, watching his creation at work. One of those who took advantage of free will in the bible was Lucifer, Gods right hand man. He signifies all the wrong choices one can make during their